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Isle of Eigg

There’s a few things that are good to know or think about before you come to Eigg.  Here are some of the answers to questions we’re regularly asked.  

Is there a shop?
Yes – the Isle of Eigg Shop.

Is there somewhere I can eat?
Yes, from tearoom to restaurant, home-baking to outside catering.

Can I bring a car, camper van or motor bike?
No, island residents only, unless you are a registered disabled person.

Can I hire a bike?
Yes, from Eigg Adventures.

What is there to do?
Lots and lots.

How long does it take to walk across the island?
Eigg’s main road is about four and a half miles long, so depending how fast you walk, it can take between an hour and half and two hours.

Can I walk anywhere?
Yes, but be mindful of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

Are there midges?
Yes, we have midges between late May and early September. They can be bad in sheltered, woodland areas or on still evenings, but generally the breeze keeps them at bay.

How often is the ferry cancelled?
The ferry is cancelled due to bad weather more in the winter than in the summer, but while it doesn’t happen too often, it’s worth keeping an eye on CalMac's service status webpage.

How does Eigg generate all it’s own electricity?
For information about Eigg Electric, our island electricity grid.

What was the community buyout?
On 12th June 1997, the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust took ownership of the Isle of Eigg and now manages it on behalf of the Eigg community.

Isle of Rum

Road to the Isles Marketing Group don't currently have accomodation providers affliated with the Isle of Rum. We would however like to assist you in your search for accomodation, please visit the Isle of Rum website for more information. (See useful links).


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