Road to the Isles Marketing Group- Management committee statement - Sunday 27 March 2021

Scotland is currently under temporary lockdown and in level 4, though the Small Isles are in level 3. This means everyone in level 4 by law can only leave home for an essential purpose. All our hospitality businesses, non-essential retail and boat charters are closed (some accommodation is open for key workers)   

Please Stay Home, Stay Safe and Help Protect the NHS and our rural community.

From 2nd April 2021 - The stay at home measures becomes stay local - travel within local authority for non-essential purpose will be allowed.

Timetable for easing restrictions - indicative dates are conditional of supportive data.

The date for reopening for tourism accommodation is expected to be 26th April 2021.  All businesses are expected to operate in compliance with COVID-19 tourism and hospitality guidance.

This date will also see the removal of travel restrictions, permitting travel within all mainland Scotland (subject to other restrictions that remain in place).  All indicative dates are dependant on the continued suppression of the virus set out in the Scottish Government - COVID-19: timetable for easing restrictions.

Travelling from out with Scotland - Indicative dates regarding travel from the rest of the UK - It is hoped that this will also be permitted from 26th April for travel to Scotland or shortly after this date, We appreciate that uncertainty poses challenges for bookings from out with Scotland and we hope to be given certainty from the Scottish Government as soon as possible.

Plan Ahead For Brighter Days

Road to the Isles offers unlimited beauty, wilderness, freedom and experiences however due to COVID-19 distancing measures are operating at reduced capacity.  Please plan ahead and book your place to stay so you can enjoy your trip without limits.

Please protect and respect our community and businesses in return for a warm west coast welcome from us.  

Our businesses listed on our website are planning to open when allowed and will operate under Scottish Government rules.

We hope you have a wonderful time on the Road to the Isles.

Road to the Isles Marketing Group Team.



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